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Refilling Process

The refill process involves the following steps:
Firstly the cartridge is inspected to ensure it is not damaged or worn out.  

Then using the Ramora equipment:

  • The cartridge is then cleaned out fully
  • The cartridge is refilled with new ink
  • The cartridge is weighed to ensure it is the correct weight
  • The cartridge is then re-pressurized to rmove any air bubbles
  • The cartridge is print tested to ensure optimal quality.
  • The inkjet cartridge is then re-labelled, repacked and returned to the customer along with a money back guarantee.

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a few questions anwered!

1What are the cost benefits of using refilled cartridges?
Savings of up to 50% on the original manufacturers price can be realized on most cartridges.
2What are the environmental benefits of using refilled cartridges?
By refilling you are helping the environment by reducing unnecessary waste. Only a small percentage of the inkjet cartridges being purchased worldwide are currently recycled. The rest end up in landfill and will never decompose.
3Will I get the same number of pages printed with the refilled cartridges?
All cartridges have a specific amount of ink when originally manufactured and that determines the printing capacity of that cartridge. The Ink Refill Depot weighs each cartridge for the correct amount of ink during the quality control checks. Once refilled, you will have the same amount of ink in the cartridge as when it was originally manufactured.
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